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translation method
phase complex
geometric images
invariant points
monovariant curves
divariant fields


The article discusses the results of determining possible phase equilibria on geo-metric images of a five-component reciprocal water-salt system of sulfates, carbonates, sodium and calcium bicarbonates at 25 °C, followed by the construction of its phase complex diagram. The laws governing the structure of the phase complex of this system are needed both to obtain scientific data used as reference material, and also to create optimal conditions for the disposal of liquid wastes from industrial production of aluminum containing sulfate, carbonate and bicarbonate salts of sodium and calcium.It has been established that the system under study at 250 °C is characterized by the presence of 28 divariant bi-saturation fields, 28 monovarianttrisaturation curves, and 11 invariant four-saturation points. Based on the obtained data, the phase complex diagram of the studied system at 250 °C was first constructed.


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