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fractional desorption
dynamic regime
phosphorus-containing ion exchangers
ion exchange


With the purpose of the separation of scandium from impurities and REM experiments were carried out by fractional desorption. At the first stage, a solution of sulfuric acid with a concentration of 75 g/dm3 was used as a desorbing solution to separate harmful impurities such as Fe, Al, and Th. At the second stage, scandium was desorbed with a solution of sodium carbonate with a concentration of 200 g/dm3. At the third stage, ammonium sulfate solution with a concentration of 300 g/dm3 was used for desorption of REM. When carbonate desorption is a complete transition of scandium into solution. The processing solution of ammonium sulfate with a concentration of 350 g/dm3, conducted with the purpose of removal of REE from phosphorus-containing ТР260 and ВМСС ion exchangers after the implementation of carbonate desorption, proved ineffective.


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