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Ключевые слова:

алициклический (со)полиимид, полиэтиленгликоль, полиэтилентерефталат, полиакриламид, алкилированный монтмориллонит, композиция, водородная связь, совместимость


The current trend in obtaining new structural polymeric materials for mechanical engineering, agriculture, food industry, instrumentation, electrical engineering, electronics, and other industries is the development and use of mixed compositions, based on structural thermoplastics. A special place among the initial components for the creation of structural materials is occupied by heat-resistant polymers, in particular polyimides. Сurrently, lots of thermoplastic and thermosetting polyimides and other imide-containing film-forming polymers have been synthesized and successfully processed into composite materials with the special properties.The goal of this research is to consider the peculiarities of obtaining binary and ternary polymer mixtures, based on alicyclic (co)polyimides, containing polyethylene glycol with other polymeric additives and the mineral montmorillonite. An effect of the surfactant polyethylene glycol on the compatibility of components in the composition and the possible mechanism of interactions of polyfunctional polymers as well as alkylated montmorillonite has been shown on the basis of the IR spectroscopy data of compositions and films. The formation peculiarities of the ternary compositions (co)polyimide + polyethylene glycol + an additional component (polyacrylamide, polyethyleneterephthalate, alkylated montmorillonite) has been provided. The thermal and physical-mechanical properties of the films formed from the composites, determined by the appropriate methods of thermogravimetric analysis and stretching of the material at a constant strain rate have been presented. It has been established that the best indicators of the studied properties are polyimide (copolyimide) + polyethylene glycol + alkylated montmorillonite composite films, where the temperature of the decomposition start is 430оС, the breaking strength is 200 MPa, and the relative extension is about 24%.

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Р.Б. Сариева, АО "Институт химических наук им. А.Б. Бектурова"

старший научный сотрудник лаборатории синтеза и физикохимии полимеров, кандидат химических наук

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