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alkaloids, alkaloids derivatives, hybrid molecules, chemical modification, cytisine, anabasine, ephedrine.


This review summarizes the data on the synthesis of new hybrid derivatives based on alkaloid molecules.At the same time, there have been analyzed methods for obtaining hybrid structures containing fragments of natural compounds molecules in combination with other biologically active plant metabolites, as leading compounds for the development of new pharmacologically valuable agents, with the aim of creating new original drugs. The combination of pharmacophoric residues in one molecule, namely various aromatic and heterocyclic substituents in the nucleoside position of natural alkaloids, opens up new possibilities for both the subsequent chemical modification of the polyfunctional derivatives obtained and their new diverse biological activity.Effective methods of synthesis have been developed on the basis of directed transformations of these compounds (or their precursors). A wide range of pharmacological properties of combined compounds of these series with a combination of low toxicity is promising.Considering that the preparation of combined derivatives based on alkaloid molecules has been insufficiently studied, the targeted synthesis of new compounds is of interest both in terms of new medicinespreparation and the development of new methods of organic synthesis, as well as the molecules stereochemistry determination of a new series of compounds.

pdf (Русский)