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geoecological assessment
recreational services
hydromorphological parameters
natural resource
Expeditionary research
physico-chemical research


The water management Basin is a geoecological system, the core of which is rivers, and the connecting elements are waste water. Therefore, it is very important to study and recognize not only the Basic Laws of the functioning of this geosystem, but also the processes that ensure its Sustainable Development and dynamics of evolution and allow us to develop reliable and at the same time safe water use management methods for Natural Resources.

The article considers the geoecological situation of the Alakol watershed. Physical and chemical studies of the Alakol Basin, the lake system located on the territory of two administrative districts of East Kazakhstan region and Alakol District of Almaty region were carried out according to St RK 1432-2005. Territorial recreational systems located on the shores of the lake near the villages of Akshi, Koktuma, Kabanbai, Koktal are subject to the greatest anthropogenic impact in the process of recreational use, so the basis of our research is an assessment of their geoecological state.

According to the results of research in the waters of the Alakol water reservoir on hydromorphological parameters, a large number of dangerous pollutants, including compounds of heavy metals, pesticides, ammonia, ammonium, ammonium, ammonium, ammonium. Based on this analysis, it is possible to determine the specifics of the formation of the level of contamination in the basin of Lake Alakol, as well as to compare the level of contamination and classify the range of concentrations of the element under study. This, in turn, will allow the public to assess the level of pollution of water resources and adopt appropriate solutions.


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