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ecological situation
physical and chemical research
spring runoff
solar radiation


The article considers the geo-ecological situation of the Ili basin. The definition of the physical and geographical location, topography, soil and vegetation of the region was given. It was determined that the management of the efficient use of water resources in the Ili river basin depends primarily on the water resources of the rivers entering the basin and the level of Lake Balkhash. Factors determining the spring flow of the Ili River are shown. Due to the development of the middle reaches of the Ili River, the whole river ecosystem, rice fields and shangel massifs, excessive use of mineral fertilizers and chemicals has led to a decrease in the quality of river water. In addition to the shortage of water resources, anthropogenic measures related to the rapid development of agriculture affect the quality of river water.

Physical and chemical studies of water samples taken from the Ili River were carried out. It was clearly observed that the content of trace elements of zinc, lead and iron in water is higher than the approved maximum allowable concentration. According to the results of the study, the effect of micronutrients on the human body was considered.




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pdf (Русский)